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I just stumbled upon another blog about home building called "Make a good house, a GREAT home". James (the author) seems to do a much better job at posting regularly - I'll have to do my best to keep up!

Buy or Build?


When considering building, first decide that you are building for the right reasons.

Building a new house is typically more expensive than buying an established house. Sometimes, it may not appear so if you add the cost of land and the cost of a bare house, but there are a number of “invisible items” that need to be taken into account:
  • A garden and a lawn
  • tiling, carpets or other floor coverings within the house
  • paving and/or decking outside the house
  • curtains or other window dressings
  • home security system
  • a whole bunch of stuff that will come to you if you consider the difference between a bare new house and an established second hand house

So remember that there is a financial premium to live in a brand new home.

Nevertheless, we are building a house because then we get to have a house that best meets our requirements, and we get the pleasure of living in a brand new home.



My wife and I are currently having a new home built in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

We have decided to blog about the various aspects of the adventure, both for our own record and in case it is useful for others that are building (or considering it).

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